What a year!

As 2009 draws to a close we seem to be running faster than ever here at Powershop. However, I thought I’d take a few minutes out to share some of our highlights of the year with you all:

– We had our ‘official launch’ with the airing of our first TV ad on Sunday 22 February. All of the Powershop crew travelled over to our Contact Centre in Masterton to share in our first public moment. The quality of the TV reception didn’t dampen the enthusiasm one little bit.

– We hit our first milestone of 1,000 customers on 30 April (which just happens to be my birthday).

– Getting through Winter was hard for us. After an initial burst of enthusiasm the world seemed to slow a bit. However, being confirmed as the cheapest provider by MED in most areas we operate gave us a lift.

– We introduced NZs first smart meter product in Christchurch, our 20% Cheaper Weekends offer. This was a turning point in our growth, and the rate at which customers have been joining up has increased markedly over Spring.

– We recently started serving the small business market and were surprised at the amount we could save some businesses on their power costs. We were also really excited when we signed up our first 1 million kWh pa customer.

By far and away the most important achievement this year though was our ranking in the Consumer NZ energy provider satisfaction survey. We were overwhelmed by the response from our customers. This was really important to us, because it confirms we are on the right track. We launched our innovative retail service model into the marketplace with a strong hunch that our customers would see the real benefits it provides, and after they had used it for a while they would fall in love with this new way of buying power. So we genuinely want to say “Thanks”. Thank you for trusting us, thank you for your continued support, and thank you for loving us 🙂

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday break.

Ari and the Powershop Crew.

4 thoughts on “What a year!

  1. Geoff Pritchard

    I was looking through the wholesale bid data in the Electricity Commission’s new CDS a few days ago, and noticed that – at least in Auckland – Powershop’s growth seemed to stagnate in June/July/August, but took off again in September. Would that be right? Powershop’s numbers are still not much more than rounding errors, but the trajectory is impressive.

    It’ll be a shame if we lose this public data if/when the Commission is abolished – this much transparency can only be good for the industry.

  2. Ari Sargent Post author


    That’s pretty much how winter went. We didn’t have much in the way of promotion running through that period, and it was a good time to bed-down our operations, so all in all it worked pretty well, and since early spring we have been focusing on sales again with a reasonable degree of success.

    I don’t anticipate losing the CDS or any other data the Electricity Commission provides, albeit it might come from a different place in future. I also find the Retail market statistics really useful, probably more useful than the CDS for our purposes. I’m with you all the way on transparency.

  3. Peter

    Number of ICPs (customers) per retailer statistics are here, tinyurl.com/yam9zbb

    Powershop’s increase in customers over the previous month for May,June,July,August,September and October are 73%,27%, 20%,19% 22%, and 20% respectively. Consistent customer growth like this speaks for itself.

    More qualitative but also telling is if you enter “Powershop” into the search function on the TradeMe messageboards.

    Every time electricity retailers are the subject happy customers sing the praises of Powershop.

    It’s as if they have found religion and want to tell everyone else about it so they too can share !


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