See what a little power can do

There’s nothing worse than feeling powerless… but sometimes you can have more power than you think.

A while ago Donald Trump as US President was just a bad joke, now it’s feeling like a scarily real proposition. If you’re not a US citizen, the reality is there’s little you can do here in NZ to stop this fast-approaching trainwreck.

Well we can’t stop you feeling mad, but we can help you use the power of words to get a little even.

In our latest campaign, Powershop is giving Kiwis the chance to take the piss out of Trump… and take a little control over the seemingly uncontrollable.

We’ve put up some of Trump’s most outrageous quotes and put the power in your hands to change them up.

Change up a Trump quote at and enter the draw to win weekly prizes including three grand prizes of $600 free power.


Also keep an eye out for:

  • TV ads
  • Digital Adshels in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch
  • Street posters in major centres
  • Social media posts
  • Digital advertising (video and banners)
  • Trump-themed power specials hitting the shop

The current campaign follows on from a video featuring Kiwi kids trumping Trump that truly went viral earlier this year. It gained more than a million views on our Facebook page and featured in a range of international media from the Huffington Post to the Daily Mail, from Mashable to CNN Moscow. You can watch it online here.

“At Powershop we like to put the power back into customers hands (pun intended) to help them make wise decisions about their energy usage and cost. This is a stark contrast to Mr Trump, who likes to abuse his power and influence to promote his prehistoric views about minority groups of society.” said Powershop CEO Ari Sargent.

So go on. See what a little power can do. Have a play at taking Trump down a peg.

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