2009 has been a tough year for most people in many ways. What better way to end the year than with a bit of light hearted fun? That’s why we created Powersheep – a little distraction for the end of the year to help our customers and friends to unwind a little.

For the avoidance of doubt, no animals were harmed in the creation of this game, and we do not condone cruelty to sheep or any other animals. Nor do we recommend playing in or around power lines – you should not approach or climb on pylons, nor kick or throw anything at overhead lines. This is just a bit of fun that appeals to our no. 8 sense of humour.

Play Powersheep (but please do not try this at home!).

9 thoughts on “Powersheep

  1. Stephanie

    Powersheep is the best present I’ve had in quite a few years. What I want to know is, how I can download it to play whenever I need a good laugh?

    Merry Xmas and keep up the good work.

  2. Nick

    Well done on powersheep, myself and colleagues got a real laugh out of it on friday in the office! Good to see your thinking outside the square rather than sending another boring christmas ecard!. I must say how disappointed i was to see the comments of Mr Ed Abdool in an article in the sunday star times. Get over it ed its not cruelty to animals because its a fictional game !!!

  3. Ari Sargent Post author


    That was our thinking behind the game – most Christmas wishes go straight to the trash unnoticed.

    Our view is that the styling and concept of the game are so far removed from reality that we are surprised that anyone has taken Powersheep seriously, and indeed most people have seen it for what it is – a bit of harmless entertainment to round out a long hard year.

  4. John

    Could you please advise the naive, puerile and imagination starved recent graduates that developed and approved your bit of online fun (think about it) that they have successfully lost another potential customer who expects something many volts smarter from the marketing departments of the companies it purchases services from. Nothing fictional about that !

  5. Ari Sargent Post author


    Sorry you feel that way. As I have said before, most people have taken our game for what it is – a bit of harmless entertainment and we are surprised that anyone has taken it seriously at all.

  6. Felix

    Can you please worry about real issues like battery cow farming in Mackenzie Country instead of a few digital sheep being kicked around?

  7. Robin Hoare

    Ari: Harmless entertainment as you say. I wonder if “John” likes to eat lamb?
    I don’t like the Air New Zealand Rico character, so I am rather fussy perhaps.
    Wish Powershop was available up here in the Far North!


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