Making ideas better in Masterton

Our Customer Service Centre in Masterton has expanded dramatically following Powershop’s recent growth both here in NZ and over the ditch in Australia. In fact we’re now one of the biggest employers in the Wairarapa, and proud of it!

Success, as they say, is nothing if you have no one to share it with. We’re always on the lookout for opportunities to give others a little more power and equip them with the tools and creative smarts to help them solve problems, both now and in the future.

We sat down with global innovator Matt Hart, founder of Better Ideas Faster, to create a workshop that would foster tomorrow’s talent. Masterton has been good to us, providing Powershop with a great pool of talent who deliver world class service, so we took the workshop to St Patrick’s School in Masterton and chatted to their Enviro Leaders about all things innovation, and launch Matt’s BIF KiDS initiative locally.

Matt Hart is on a mission to sort out what it means to be a 21st century innovator. He’s been inspiring minds since 1998, with the help of coffee and warm date scones! From designing and leading new product development projects, to training people in the behaviours of creativity, his ultimate goal is to transform businesses to become more innovative. Now he’s helping develop the next generation of creative problem solvers.

Children have big imaginations. So we wanted to harness and encourage that fearless creativity, by supporting it, nurturing it and celebrating it. With Matt, we held a workshop at St Patrick’s School and asked the kids how they would make electricity better for everyone.

The workshop was a huge success. While the day was designed to nurture the kids’ creativity, they saw it as an opportunity to spend a day getting lost in their imagination. With Matt, we pitched a problem solving narrative to get the kids thinking about three things – what’s the problem, why is it happening, and how can this be turned into a better idea?

At the end of the day, Matt chose the best idea to turn into a book. Lily and Zara – the brains behind the idea – had a ‘lightbulb moment’ when thinking about how they could make electricity work better, and thought turning lights off should be as easy as clapping your hands.

We had a lot of fun hearing some of the amusing ideas the kids came up with. And when went to deliver the books to Lily, Zara and the rest of their class, we couldn’t help but feel warm fuzzies seeing all the kids realising their ideas had been turned into something tangible.

If you’ve got an idea you want to make better, faster; you can contact Matt here.

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