Giving the shop some winter love

We’ve given our shop some winter love. As the weather starts to pack in, we’ve made a pack of changes for the season!

New look packs

Our fixed price ‘value packs’ all have a new winter look, but we’ve kept the same values you know and love: $150, $88.88, $50, $20. These packs are great for when you need to buy a specific amount of power but still want to make a little saving along the way.

The new looks are inspired by some of the things the Powershop Crew love about winter.

We’ve also raised some of the purchase limits for the winter season, to meet your higher power needs. You can now buy two of the $88.88 pack per month, three of the $50, and five of the $20.

New size packs

We’ve introduced two completely new value packs for winter, to give you even more choice and flexibility. There’s a new $31 ‘Little Hottie’ pack and a huge new $250 ‘The Big Chill’ pack.

You can buy one of the $250 pack per month, and four of the $31 pack.

New Winter Saver

On top of your monthly Simple Saver which hits the shop on the first of the month, over winter we will also pop in a new Winter Saver pack around the middle of June, July and August. The Winter Saver will give you a decent amount of power with a decent saving, and, like your Simple Saver, will also carry an extra discount for each year you’ve been with us (up to five years).

The first Winter Saver will hit the shop on 14 June. The number of extra flames you see will reflect the number of years you’ve been with us. How many will you get?

Check in and keep track

Checking in to the shop on the desktop or our mobile app regularly won’t just let you pick up savings – it also allows you to keep tabs on your power use which is especially important over winter.

You may not be able to cut back on your usage in these colder months, but at least you’ll avoid a surprise when your Account Review arrives. And if you pick up our regular winter specials, the Simple Saver, Winter Saver, and maybe some of our value packs, chances are you’ll have a good chunk of your monthly bill sorted each month anyway. Especially if you already had some of our winter Future Packs stashed away!

You can find out more about the shop and how all our different types of Powerpacks work on our Help Site.

2 thoughts on “Giving the shop some winter love

  1. Parviz

    Hi there
    Sorry I didn’t get that.If I used as much as I need,Pay just $88.00?
    I need more explanation.

    1. Peter Post author

      Hi Parviz – when you log into the Shop you will see how many days of power we estimate each pack will give you, and the estimated cost per day.


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