Become an Android Beta Test Pilot

We’d like to start testing pre-release versions of our Android app on willing victims customers, to get feedback on new features. Keen to become one of our test pilots?

Before we get you too interested, you do need to be running Android 4.0.3 or later. To get the ‘beta builds’ (that’s what we call our test versions) you first need to join the ‘Powershop for Android Beta Tester’ Google+ community, then opt-in to become a tester. After that you’ll get the beta builds delivered to your Android device, just like a normal app update from the Play Store.

Please note that this is a beta version of the Powershop app which is still a work in progress, meaning that while you get to play with all the whizzy new features first, there may be some functionality issues, or pesky bugs lurking around. This app is provided to you on an “as is” basis, and you bear the risk of using it. However, rest assured that if using this app causes any detrimental changes to your account or billing that we will try and fix this up quick smart.

One of the reason we are doing these beta tests is so we can find out about any of these glitches or teething problems before we release our app updates to the world. So it’s all in a good cause! If the bugs get to be too annoying you can bail out at any time and go back to using the normal app. But think of the excitement you’ll be missing out on…

Steps to opt-in

Follow the steps below to opt-in to the ‘Powershop for Android Beta Testers’ community from a web browser.

1. Sign-in to Google+ using the Google Account you use for the Play Store on your Android phone (you can check what email address this is by looking in the Menu of the Play Store App). If you see the message “Sorry, you need an invitation to join this private community” you will need to join Google+ first.

2. Go to the Powershop for Android Beta Testers community page and click the Ask to join button. This will let Powershop know that you want to join our community and test the Android app. We will try and approve your request as soon as possible, but it might take a day or so.2015-03-31_11-12-58

3. You’ll get an email from Google+ once we’ve approved your request. (If you haven’t received an email from Google+ after a couple days, email us on to let us know.) Click the View community link in the email to open up the Powershop for Android Beta Testers page again.

4. Click the Click here to Opt-in! link on the Powershop for Android Beta Testers page.

5. A new tab will open and take you to the Google Play page asking if you want to become a tester for the Powershop NZ app. Have a read through the information on the page. If you’re happy with the conditions tap the Become a tester button. Once tapped you will see the message ‘You are now a tester’. Welcome aboard!2015-03-31_11-22-082015-03-31_11-22-16

6. Now that you’ve opted in to become a beta tester you’ll get beta builds of the Powershop NZ app through Google Play updates. If you want to get the updates automatically, check you have Auto-update apps turned on in the Play Store app settings, otherwise you’ll need to update the Powershop NZ app manually from the Play Store with each new build.
2015-03-05 13.06.43

Submit feedback on the app

To send us feedback on a beta build of the Powershop NZ app (e.g. if it keeps crashing on a certain screen, or you want to comment on the new features, etc.) leave a comment on the Powershop for Android Beta Testers Google+ community.

Alternatively you can send feedback through the app’s feedback section.

Install issues

You may get an error page after you click the Click here to Opt-in! link.

If you do, close your browser and check back in 24 hours. Sometimes Google Play needs some time to process your request to become a beta tester.

If after 24 hours the error is still presented, remove yourself from the Powershop for Android Beta Testers community and then repeat the steps from the beginning.

To remove yourself from the Powershop for Android Beta Testers community on a computer: open up the community page, click the spanner icon, then the Leave community icon.

Steps to opt-out

If you no longer want to get beta builds of the Powershop NZ app, you can opt-out of being a tester.

1. Sign-in to Google+
2. Go to the Powershop for Android Beta Testers community page
3. Click on the link to Opt-in
4. Click the Leave Test button
5. Click the spanner icon on the Google+ community page, then the Leave community button

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