Same appliance, different aptitude

Kitchen appliances are getting smarter and smarter, with wifi enabled slow cookers and fridges now available. Not to mention all the fancy new gadgets that enable you to make those flavour-of-the-month dishes.

But did you know some of your existing home appliances could have unexpected culinary capabilities?

Fish in the dishwasher

Yep, you read it right. Apparently you can cook fish in your dishwasher – salmon to be exact. This one’s actually been around for a while and looks pretty legit. The only debate seems to be whether or not you should do it on its own (without detergent) or throw it in with a load. The key seems to be how well the salmon is wrapped. And how strong your stomach is.

It’s not just about salmon either. Other things can be cooked in the dishwasher too, according to this article, including bagels and lasagne. Just as long as salmonella isn’t on the menu!

Food bag in the washing machine

If the thought of cooking in the dishwasher makes you feel a bit queasy, this one might push you over the edge. An Israeli student has developed vacuum-packed food bags designed for cooking fish, meat and vegetables in your washing machine! We’ve heard of TV dinners but Laundry dinners seems a step too far. And if you do cold washes, that could be a recipe for disaster.

Other weird and wacky culinary ideas we have come across include poaching chicken in the kettle, toasting sandwiches with an iron, and cooking porridge in a rice cooker (OK that one doesn’t sound all that weird in comparison!).

We haven’t been brave enough to try any of these yet – and we certainly don’t recommend you use your appliances for anything but their intended use.

But food for thought? For sure.

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