… and then there’s the specials!

As Margaret has quite rightly pointed out to me, our introduction of power “specials” has really bucked the trend for power companies, and has been a whole lot of fun too.  Here’s a little sampler of those specials (in no particular order).

36 thoughts on “… and then there’s the specials!

  1. Lance

    Being relatively new to Powershop I haven’t seen all the above specials but one I did see and thought it was great was the Christmas Chur special.

  2. Paul

    I get annoyed when I always miss out on these specials. I login two to three times a week but they have always sold out. If there is to be a special I think there should be at least enough for 1 per customer.

  3. Ari Sargent Post author


    Sorry you keep missing out. You can get early warning of the specials by becoming a fan of our Facebook page. Unfortunately, if we were to have enough specials for every customer we wouldn’t be able to make them so cheap, and then they wouldn’t be that special, so we have chosen to limit the number of these.

  4. Peter


    I am interested in a product which will notify me, but
    can you tell me more about your RSS tool , please ?
    It says “Granting access will allow this application to read your personal data and purchase power”.
    I am happy with something which will notify me, but its a quantum leap to authorise it to make purchases on my behalf without knowing more.

  5. Felix

    @That’s Powershop’s standard message. My tool only reads data and does not purchase power, but Powershop does not allow me to make the difference.

    The website provides you with a RSS feed of all the products available in the shop. You put that in your RSS reader so you get notified when there is a change.

  6. Ari Sargent Post author


    Powershop has developed what is known as an API – this allows third party providers (such as Felix) to develop tools and applications that interface directly with customer’s power accounts. We obviously require individual customers consent to give any application access to their account.

    At this stage applications can access information such as your meter readings, consumption and product prices. Applications can also modify your account information in two ways:

    1) they can update your meter readings.
    2) they can ‘top up’ your account to a zero balance. If an application does this you will receive the normal email notification and if this was unintended you can use the 48 hour refund option.

    So there very little risk that third party applications will operate your account in a damaging way.

    Furter, as Felix points out, his RSS tool does not currently do anything other than download your products and prices.

  7. Paul

    Hi, thanks for reply on specials, I guess my point is though that say you went to a supermarket three times a week yet their specials were always gone I think you’d start to get somewhat frustrated. I really don’t see this as being much different. In fact I think they are required to have enough product to cover advertised specials.

  8. Ari Sargent Post author


    I understand your point, but I guess not all specials are created equal.

    A number of the specials we run do have sufficient numbers to allow one per customer (generally those specials over long weekends etc). The ‘steal-a-deal’ specials are a bit more of a lottery – these are intended to incentivise and reward people for logging on and engaging with their account. If you are quick enough to pick up one of these it is really just a bonus to your savings 🙂

  9. Jared

    Ari, I’ve noticed most steal-a-deals appear in the morning and sell-out within a couple of hours. To be fair, perhaps you could run some evening ones so that people who don’t have the opportunity to log on during the day, like at work, miss out?

  10. Ari Sargent Post author


    We do sometimes ‘release’ steal-a-deal products later in the day. We started doing this in response to a similar comment from another customer a while ago. I make sure we continue to mix it up a bit.

  11. Paul

    Hi Felix, thanks for the RSS info which should be useful. Seems like a better idea than logging on to my account twice a day, power just ain’t that exciting 😉

  12. Peter

    My Value Pack and Standard Power are currently 16.93 and 17.07 cents/unit respectively.

    So at 17.04 cents/unit the Waitangi Day special fails to live up to its advance billing on twitter as “a whooper of a special”.

  13. Peter

    Am happy to report that my cost per unit for the Waitangi Day special has now changed from 17.04 cents/unit to 15.86 cents/unit. Thanks, Powershop.

  14. Warwick


    Could you confirm if the limit 1 for the birthday special is limit 1 for the whole week or limit 1 for each hour it appears?

  15. Arnie

    Sorry, but I don’t “get” this RSS product. I logged in and now I’ve got a page that’s blank except for the text ‘Powershop RSS’ in the top left-hand corner.

    Am I supposed to keep that page open all the time? It has no buttons or controls on it.

  16. Ari Sargent Post author


    To use Felix’s RSS product you will need an RSS/News Reader – there are plenty of free readers you can download (just search “rss reader”), or you can use an online reader such as the Goggle Reader. After you have logged in the RSS product you should see your property address and some links after it. You will need to copy and paste the feed URL into your RSS feeder as a subscription.

    You should also note that the Powershop RSS product was not developed by Powershop and as such is not directly supported by us.

  17. Arnie

    Thanks for the reply. I should have made it clear that I was directing my query to the developer.

    Anyway, seems it only works in *shudder* Internet Explorer. In Firefox you just see the text I mentioned, no links. But I condescended to nip in and out of IE long enough to get the link for my reader.

  18. Ari Sargent Post author


    Strange, it works for me in Firefox (v3.6 OSX). I have just had a look at the page source, and it is pretty lean and doesn’t include standard HTML page tags – this is probably throwing a spanner in the works.

    At least you’re up and running now, even if it dig take a little help from IE.

  19. Felix

    Hi Arnie, Felix here. I developed it using Firefox, so it is strange it doesn’t work on your computer. Sorry about that.

  20. Ari Sargent Post author


    Looking at the html source of your page it appears to be missing the basic , , and tags – perhaps if you put these in it may solve the problem?

  21. Arnie

    Well, I changed computers and didn’t worry for a while that I no longer got the specials in my reader (because I hadn’t set it up), but I just went to do it now and it’s gone!

    Also, I have noticed whenever I’ve gone in to buy power that there are *never* any specials any more (at least not when I’ve visited).

    Is the RSS available anywhere else? Are there still specials?

  22. Ari Sargent


    Yes, we certainly are still running regular specials. As you say the RSS feed is no longer available; this was actually provided by a developer using the Powershop API, and not by us directly. I am not aware of any alternative feeds. Generally specials will be announced on our Facebook Page and our latest iPhone app also has pricing alerts.

  23. Martin

    So whats happend to all the specials? Not only have the prices risen significantly, we dont seem to be seeing as many specials?


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