And the Oscar goes to…

It’s award season in the energy industry!

OK, so there probably won’t be a red carpet and the closest thing we’ll get to a celeb will be the Minister of Energy. But it’s still an exciting time for us and a chance to show we’re the best damn electricity retailer in the country.

This year we’re up for two major gongs: Innovation in Energy, and Energy Retailer of the Year.
The first is all about our move to mobile. You’d have to be a complete hermit not to see how fast mobile has changed the game in the last few years, from banking right through to music. In the last twelve months, we were the first energy company in the world to shift our entire focus to mobile.

And the results are already showing that the shift was worthwhile – within the last three months, 20% of all power was purchased through the mobile app, and we reckon that number will grow significantly over the next 12 months.
Meanwhile, almost all other power companies are still posting out paper bills to their customers once a month. Enough said.

The second award is essentially the ‘Best Picture’ category for energy companies. To win Energy Retailer of the Year you’ve got to prove your performance in the past year was stronger across the board than anyone else.

We’ve certainly crammed a lot into the last twelve months – earlier this year we officially launched Powershop Australia, becoming the first Kiwi electricity retailer to launch into an overseas market. So far, more than 15,000 Victorians have seen the light, and we’re hoping to push into New South Wales before too long.

Being named a finalist in both of these categories is a huge vote of confidence for us. It proves we’re ahead of the curve on mobile. It also proves Australians are as sick of crusty old power companies as we are.

The winners are announced in a few weeks. We’ll keep you posted!

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