2 thoughts on “So how’s your savings going?

  1. MichaelT

    I took my start of Copenhagen reading just before midnight on 6-Dec-2009 NZ time and so will be taking my 10 day reading late tonight. If I ignore my immediately pre Copenhagen peak, when I did some dehydrating, I’m heading toward a 5% saving (over 20% saving if I “cheat” and compare with the period that includes dehydrating !]. However, for an already low (around 6KWh/day] user, daily usage is easily distorted (e.g. by doing a roast meal) and there’s not much margin for cuts.

  2. Ari Sargent Post author


    I think it is fair to say that at 6kWh per day you are doing pretty much all you can to manage your consumption down. A 5% saving on this is actually quite impressive in my view :)


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